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Escort Special Offers in London

Frisky, Raunchy, Horny.......

Right guys here is the real deal......!!!!

Our first offer is called

"2 swap 3"

This is when you and your friend book a girl each and we throw in a 3rd girl for free. So between you, you are paying just £600 for the pleasure of having fun with 3 girls. You have to admit that it's a great deal and you get the chance to see some of the other of Anna's specially selected Angels. This must be one of the best offers on the whole UK web.

If you would like the 3 girls to come to you then the price is £800 for the first hour and £600 for each additional hour, plus taxi fares.

Our next offer is

"Threesome Treat"

Book 2 girls get one free!! You pay just £500 and have the pleasure of 3 girls for your hour of fun at one of the girl's flats. Additional hours are charged at £400 per hour.

If you would like the 3 girls to come to you then the price is £700 for the first hour and £400 for each additional hour, plus taxi fares.

Final offer is

"Awesome Foursome"

Book a girl and a guy duo and get another girl to join in. The cost for this will be £500. You will get any 2 girls who do duos with our guys and any one of our boys listed on this special offer page. This is a great offer as the girls usually charge an extra £50 for working with our guys so the cost would normally be as much as £650. Imagine the fun you can have with that little scenario. Outcall price is £650.


*These prices are all based on in-call rate for 1 hour. Any extras such as a-level, dp, swallow etc will be added as usual.

**Taxi fares will be in addition for the girls who have to move to the in call location.

There are no escorts in this gallery
Unwrap your hidden desires and let Anna’s Angels make your date a memorable one!

Anna's Angels Featured escort review's about Escort Special Offers in London

Lucy and Mary, Stephanie Brooks

Reviewer: Paul
Date: 2010-10-16

I had seen Mary before and had a great time (see my previous review) but I also fancied a sesssion with Lucy as well so, to kill two birds with one stone (so to speak), I decided to go for the duo. Since there was a "3 for 2" special I thought - why not? That was where Stephanie came in. Was it a good decision? You bet it was. This was one of the best hours I have ever spent. I am into BDSM with nipple torture, strap-on play and oral play at the top of my list. Three ladies, three options - need I say more? Try to imagine all that going on simultaneously for an hour (and it did). On top of that I was being "forced" to orally service them. If you can manage the timing and the costs you have to give this a try. I cannot see how you would be disappointed. WOW - just WOW!

Alesha Khan, Lucy Jade, Farha Noor

Reviewer: triple the pleasure
Date: 2010-05-21

what an mind blowing experience, i saw the offer on the site and i could not resist so i went through and booked three girls for the price of two (alesha, farah, lucy) and wow what an experience, had the most amazing time ever thank you girls and i will be back very soon for more. they all give it 100%, top girl with an out of this world service.

Shanti Kaif, Lucy Jade, Stephanie Brooks

Reviewer: Rob
Date: 2010-05-21

Just returned from an amazing evening with Lucy Shanti and Stephanie. An "A+" experience from the glass of wine on my arrival to the warm kiss from Lucy as I left. I won't go in to details but suffice it to say that Shanti may need to add another service to her already impressive list!!! The agency was friendly and helpful with prefect directions to the flat. Guys, save up your pennies and go for one of their great threesome offers - you won't regret it! Thanks for a truly memorable evening everyone.

Joanna Bonfire, Mary Rose, Gina Divine

Reviewer: Joti
Date: 2010-04-27

James said the 3 for 2 deals was real. Well you have to agree it looks too good to be true and I was wondering where the catch was?? Anyway, finally I booked Mary, Joanna and Gina for a meet at Mary’s flat. I knew where that was as I had been there before. The deal actually ended up costing me 440 as I gave Joanna and Gina 20 quid each for the taxi fares.
What a thrill it is to be alone in a room with three stunningly gorgeous, but 3 very different girls. I had great fun with all of them working on me at the same time and with them individually and they had fun with each other which was a turn on for me. It was difficult to make up my mind who was going to get my load!!! The hour went really quickly because there was so much going on. But a great experience to try even if you only ever do it once!! Thoroughly recommended.

Lucy and Mary, George Orpheus

Reviewer: Stavros
Date: 2010-04-27

I could think of nothing better than an “awesome 4some” with me, Lucy and Mary and George Orpheus and for £500 it is a steal, let’s face it. Some of AA’s offers really do seem too good to be true! George is a great character and he was over the moon to get his hands on these 2 great girls, who James said are 2 of AA’s most successful. With George and me both standing with hards on he was looking to me to signal who was going to get who first. So he started with Lucy and me with Mary. Then I decided to sit back and give orders as Lucy and Mary both worked on George. They soon made him shoot his load but he was still up for more and desperately wanted to try the a-level with Lucy. I knew this was going to cost more but said why not? In for a penny, in for a pound!! So this was wild. George was easing his fat tool into Lucy’s rose bud botty doggy style while Mary was lying beneath giving his pendulous balls a tongue lashing and his hole a bit of rimming. All this really turned me on so decided to put Lucy and Mary next to each other doggy style and me and George gave them a-level, swapping half way. George soon withdrew, pulled off the condom and sprayed his 2nd load on Mary’s bum and back. I ended with giving Lucy a facial. I coughed up the extra dough for the a-levels and all was done. As George and I left he shook my hand heartily as we descended in the lift and he told me that it was the best fun he had had for many a month. I agreed that it had been equally stimulating for me. I intend to do this again soon before the offer ends with George and a different pair of girls.

Lucy Jade, Martina and Debbie

Reviewer: Kevin
Date: 05 November 2009

I have used Anna's Angels for a while now, but had failed to spot the recent edition of a special offer of 3 girls for the price of 2. Never having been part of a 4-some, I thought this was something I had to try out. I booked Lucy, Martina, and Debbie, and I wasn't disappointed! When I arrived at Lucy's flat I had plenty of ideas I wanted to try out, and as usual, Lucy had plenty of her own! There was too much going on for me to be able to cover things in detail, but all three ladies seemed very into the activity, and there was a lot of swapping around, so much so that it was difficult at times to work out who was doing what to whom! At one point I sat things out to take a breather while the three ladies pleasured each other - quite a sight,and one that got me going again very quickly. At another point Lucy and Martina were taking turns to suck my cock and fondle each other, while Debbie was propped up against the wall bringing herself off with a toy. Quite an (exhausting) experience, but one that was very enjoyable, and which I must repeat as soon as I am back in London!