Chelsea escort Margaret Vegas

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Blonde London escort

Margaret Vegas has incredibly long, well toned legs sweeping into the gentle curve of her pert and perfectly formed derriere. As your eyes continue up the body of this exotic Italian you will note her slim, taut stomach and size eight waist; leading up to the swell of her natural 34D breasts. Her dark brown eyes are soft and inviting, twinkling with a playful edge as her tongue caresses her soft, kissable lips. Margaret’s long blond locks fall in waves just past her shoulder and add an angelic effect to her stunning physique.

Margaret Vegas has flawless skin and a natural curiosity for the world around her. She is based in Chelsea, SW3, London and can be visited at her home for the complete escort service. Alternatively she is happy to meet you at your house or hotel; her main intent is to ensure you are comfortable and ready to have the time of your life.

Margaret Vegas can give a great sensual massage and she loves strap-on play too! Based in Chelsea this completely bisexual lady is available for men, women and couples. Her natural energy will leave you feeling both exhausted and refreshed. One thing will be certain, once you have spent some time with Margaret Vegas you will want to see her again!


Roxy Strider – new Paddington escort

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Paddington Escort - Roxy Strider

Paddington, W2 area of London is home to Roxy Strider, a gorgeous twenty three year old Spanish babe. She is five foot nine inches tall with good English speaking skills and long blonde hair. But, what is likely to capture your attention first is not her stunning body, but her pale green eyes; they glow softly as though lit from within and will draw you in. Roxy has the perfect come to bed eyes, inviting, playful and with a hint of intrigue. She has an abundance of energy and a determination that you will have the best experience of your life; Roxy will stop at nothing to ensure your every need is met.

She has beautiful, flawless long legs which shine in the sunlight; her toned stomach and soft skin simply invite you to run your hands across it. As you hands glide gently upwards they will rise up and over the swell of her natural 34D breasts and you can feel their natural pertness; despite their size they manage to ignore gravity. Roxy also has pale red lips which are simply dying to be kissed; she loves her lips being kissed and your exploration of her body. Her petite face adds to the classic look of beauty; if you lock eyes with her you will never want the moment to end.

Paddington Escort Lady

Roxy loves to play with outfits which can be used to add to the occasion or help set the mood. She also has several toys which can facilitate the evening, including a strap-on which she simply loves demonstrating; it can add an exhilarating twist to any evening!

It is fair to say that Roxy is one of the prettiest escorts in London and any time spent with her will be a treat as well as an experience that you will never forget; her soft skin and expert touch are sure to make a lasting memory.


Bayswater escort Holy Bush

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Bayswater escort Holly Bush

Holly Bush is twenty four years old, five foot eight inches tall and absolutely captivating. Her body has curves in all the right places, long legs which are perfectly proportioned gently curve outwards to her size eight waist. Her derriere is pert, toned and just calling out to be grabbed. She has one body piercing, a simple jewel in her belly button and the tiny tattoo at the same place as well as natural 34B breasts. At first glance you would be forgiven for thinking you are looking at a supermodel.

Holly has enticing, hazel eyes, complimenting her long blond hair; one look from her and you will be ready to follow her to the end of the Earth; although you are more likely to follow to the nearest bed! Holly has an abundance of energy and loves to play. Her exuberance extends into her incredibly sensual nature and she loves to explore your body. Even better, she loves to feel your lips on her own and for them, as well as your hands, to gently move across her body. You are free to explore every part of her as she wriggles with pleasure under your touch. You can she be sure she will make it worth your while!

Holly Bush from Bayswater

She is based in the Bayswater, W2 area of London and will visit you at home, in your hotel, meet for drinks or you can simply join her at her own home. She loves to entertain men and couples and is bisexual; making her the perfect girl to fulfill your ultimate three way fantasy with; all you need to do is convince your significant other! Or if you are brave enough, you can invite Holly with her best friend, Elizabeth Rose. Their lesbian show will rock your world as there is nothing like it.

Holly originates from Eastern Europe but has a good command of the English language; she is available most days and is happy to dress up to help you fulfill your fantasy and has plenty of outfits to choose from. She also has a strap-on which she is happy to use; whether your first experience or not!

The most enticing thing about Holly is her stunning beauty, soft, flawless skin, kissable lips and her playful nature. Whether this is your first time meeting an escort or you have a wealth of experience, you are sure to be pleased with both the quality of the service and the stunning body that Holly will allow you to explore completely.


Chelsea escort Hazal Bronze

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Chelsea escort Hazal Bronze

Once you have taken the best decision of your life and called Hazal you will be stunned to see just how good she looks in the flesh. The best photographer in the world cannot catch the twinkle in her eye and the thoughts running through her head as she bites her lower lip. Her curves are all natural, her large, pert 34C bosom swells away from a flat stomach and a classic size 8 waist. Hazel Bronze has a gorgeous hourglass figure which she knows just how to use to entice you, relax you and inspire you.

Hazal is located in Chelsea, SW3, her enthusiastic approach and gentle, yet at times firm, nature is assisted by a naturally vibrant personality. She loves meeting new people and having new experiences; whether you want to meet her at her place, your place or a more neutral surrounding; she will be happy to oblige. At five foot seven she is the perfect height for you, if you like the taller woman her heels will lift her above most men, making sure you acquiesce to her every whim!

Her long, flowing brunette hair cascades across perfect skin as her black eyes gently question you; are you after the perfect girlfriend, or the demanding dominatrix. No matter what your preference, Hazal’s easy going personality and openness to new experiences will ensure you are comfortable; having the time of your life is simply a side effect!

Hazal Bronze will happily entertain you as a schoolgirl, or simply become the best secretary in the world. One thing is certain, from the moment you meet her, you will not be able to keep your eyes or hands off this gorgeous woman!


South Kensington escort Natalie B

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South Kensington escortNatalie B has a perfectly proportioned body, her bosom is a healthy 34C; her breasts are pert and inviting. She has a slim waist, at just a size eight she has an hourglass figure that most women would die for. Her flat stomach leads invitingly in both directions, tying the perfect package together. Even her derriere is petite, firm and adds just the right amount of curves to her stunning figure. Yet, despite looking like an angel, it is her deep chocolate eyes which will first grab your attention. They are dark, wistful, and devilish with a hint of mystery; with one flutter of her long lashes she will melt your heart. Her long blond hair falls gently around her face, creating a halo which she is eager to taint with you; even her full lips scream at you to kiss her.

Natalie B has a natural, fun loving personality and is eager to ensure you have the best time of your life. Her stunning curves and flawless skin are only the start of what she has to offer; thanks to her Eastern European background she speaks four different languages; French, English, Italian and German. She will happily demonstrate or talk to you in whichever language you desire. Natalie is based in the South Kensington SW3 area of London and is happy to make house calls, or you can visit her at home.

She will, instantly, make you feel relaxed and comfortable; her sensual nature will provide a sense of intimacy no matter what the surroundings. Natalie B offers a bisexual service and is eager to help you explore your boundaries. She has a collection of outfits, including a schoolgirl, secretary, as well as the more serious police woman. She also has an excellent range of toys to ensure you can sample something new or are suitably punished for your behavior.

You may wish Elizabeth to test out her strap-on, hand cuffs or whips. Or, you may prefer to simply enjoy this exotic beauty in some of her finest underwear; whatever your preference, Natalie is sure to give you an experience you will never forget!


Bayswater escort Carla Lala

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Bayswater Escort Carla LalaWhether you are looking for a girlfriend for the evening, or a little more; you need look no further. Carla Lala is five foot three inches tall and waiting to fulfill your every fantasy! She is a gorgeous brunette, with a completely natural body; including her full, 34C bosom. Her bewitching smile, pearly white teeth and green eyes will melt your heart in seconds, leaving you longing for more. Her flawless skin simply adds to the exotic appeal of this eastern european beauty.

She is very friendly, easy to chat to and loves meeting new people. If you are new to the escort experience she will instantly relax you and help you realize your innermost fantasies; it takes a lot to shock her! Carla enjoys experiences with men, women and couples. She is based in Bayswater, W2, London, and will happily visit you and your house or hotel; alternatively you can make your own way to her home.

Bayswater Escort LadyCarla Lala is much more than simply stunning to look at; she has a deep, mischievous nature and loves to play games. Carla says that her life’s motto is “Scream if you wanna go faster!” and this babe will have you scream to infinity and beyond.

From the moment you meet Carla Lala you will believe you are in heaven, her perfect size 8 body and positive, exuberant personality will leave you wanting more; something that she will happily provide you with. Even if you are unsure about using the services of an escort, you will not regret meeting Carla; she is the perfect girlfriend, gorgeous from head to toe, attentive yet not demanding; she will help you reach the heights!


Paddigton escort Elizabeth Rose

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Paddington escort ElizabethIf you have ever walked into a bar and seen a stunning blond across the room that makes your knees go weak, then you may have already been lucky enough to see Elizabeth Rose. At five foot nine inches tall she has legs which literally go on forever and you will be happy to work your way slowly up and down each one. Elizabeth has a size eight waist and natural, 34D breasts which protrude elegantly from her svelte body. Her blond hair falls past her shoulders in waves and frames a petit face, whilst one smile from this smoldering beauty will melt you heart. To top of the mesmerizing affect of your first meeting, her dark chocolate brown eyes will gleam with an impish charm; belying the pleasure and pain she can administer.

Elizabeth is Eastern European and well educated, she speaks excellent English, Spanish, Italian and German. She is currently based in Paddington, W2, London and is happy to meet you at home or in a hotel, or, if you prefer you can visit her at the comfort of her own home. At twenty four years old, her skin is still taut, flawless and you will happily spend hours running your hands across her naked body, exploring her every nook and cranny whilst marveling at her perfect proportions.

Paddington escort ladyElizabeth enjoys dressing up and has a variety of outfits, you can play super hero with her Cat Woman outfit, be a sick patient as an incredibly sexy nurse looks after you or simply allow a naughty policewoman to have her wicked way with you. A range of accessories, including a gag, leash and spreader bar will ensure you are just where she wants you to be. For the adventurous there are anal plugs, nipple clamps and a strap on as well as a variety of other toys to aid your night of naughty pleasure. To complete the effect Elizabeth has a good range of PVC and Latex outfits, including dresses, skirt, shorts and tops.

Elizabeth is gorgeous from top to toe, she will mesmerize you and provide you with the best night of your life; her natural looks and stunning figure will be one memory you will never forget.


Kensington escort Claire Gold

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Kensington escort

Claire Gold is five foot, seven inches tall and has a stunning body, perfectly proportioned; with natural 34D breasts and a slim 8-10 inch waist. But, despite the exotic appeal of her Baltic States origins and the creamy texture of her skin, it is her eyes that will first draw you in. Claire’s deep blue eyes are hypnotic, emitting warmth, excitement and a twinkle of mischief. She loves meeting new people, making up new games and having fun! With one flutter of her long eyelashes and a flash of her stunning smile you’ll know you’ve made the right choice calling this independent escort.

Based in Kensington, W8, Central London she can visit you at home, at your hotel, or you can visit her; adding to the illusion of the perfect girlfriend experience. From the moment you meet, she will be both the consummate professional, putting you at ease and the naughty girlfriend, eager to give you the night of your life.

Claire has a good command of the English language and is warm and open. Her relaxed attitude will help you to ask for what you really desire; she is incredibly open minded; if you can think it up she will almost certainly wish to try it! Whether you are looking for a classic girlfriend experience or a night experimenting with your own personal limits, Claire will know just how to treat you.

London escort Claire Gold

Her impressive repertoire includes her role as Mistress Claire Gold; she can and will dominate your entire body, using her impressive physical assets and a range of toys, including her favorite strap-on. You can allow her to slip it gently in or take it a stage further; her array of fetish pieces includes handcuffs, a men mask, ropes and a variety of restraints. You can even wear a collar and a gag to ensure you do just as you are told. Of course, her crop and paddle are right at hand if you do not do as you are told.

Claire has a huge range of PVC or latex outfits and a selection of fancy dress; including the standard fantasy of a school girl, or secretary. You will certainly not regret giving one of London’s finest escorts a call; from the moment you meet her you will be mesmerized.


New Chelsea Escort – Ella Fortuna

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Chelsea escort Ella Fortuna

If you have some time to spare whilst in the Chelsea, SW3, area of London then one call to Ella Fortuna will change your life forever. Ella is of Bulgarian origin and speaks good English, her long blond hair is straight and falls across her shoulders, framed her perfect complexion. Ella has incredibly inviting lips, they are full and soft and she loves to glide them gently across your body or merge them with yours as you entwine in a lovers embrace. She has the most beautiful pale green eyes you will ever see, gently refracting the light and teasing you. Her eyes alone can captivate you.

Ella Fortuna is five foot five inches tall and perfectly proportioned. Her toned legs gently curve upwards to a pert and petite derriere; whilst her flat stomach as a single piercing glistening, attracting your eyes before you allow them to move upwards to her pert, 34C breasts which appear to defy gravity. Her skin is flawless and she delights in your gentle touch exploring her body; in fact, Ella loves your hands to move lightly across every part of her body, exploring and teasing as you go; no part of her is off limits.

New Chelsea Escort

Ella Fortuna is incredibly sensual, with an impish charm and an abundance of energy. She is determined to give you the best experience of your life and has all the assets required to make it a night you will never forget. In fact, once you have sampled Ella’s fantastic body and playful energy, you will not be able to get enough of her. She has a youthful enthusiasm and zest for life which is contagious. Whether dressed as a schoolgirl or a secretary you will delight in having your wicked way as she succumbs willingly to your every desire.

Ella does have a strap-on and is happy to entertain both men and couples, she is bisexual and nature and can ensure any couple has a fantastic time which will strengthen their relationship and help them to explore their own boundaries. Once you have been ensnared in her web, you will not be able, or even want to get free!


3 stunning blonde London escorts

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Today we have 3 stunning blonde London escortsSara Millls, Arsenia Drive and Selena Inme. All of them are gorgeous, young, passionate and eager for new life experiences. No doubt you should meet each of these charming London escorts as soon as possible.

Paddington escort

Busty blonde London escort Sara Mills is 23 y.o., got 34D boobs and looks like a goddess with her blue eyes. She speaks 3 languages ( English, Italian, German ), is intelligent and can be an outstanding companion for any type of event. Sara is bisexual and has long list of enjoys. You may arrange meeting with her in Paddington, W2.

Gloucester escort

Open-minded Arsenia Drive is 21 y.o., from Russia, speaks conversational English and thinks about her bisexuality as the gift from universe. Arsenia is available for incall visits at Gloucester Road, SW7.

South Kensington

Selena Inme is Moldavian girl with natural green eyes. She is 25 y.o., toned, slim, sensual and with her own special charisma. She prefers only men and available for incall visits in South Kensington.